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Eatliz "Hey" music video
music videos



Music videos combine 2 of my biggest passions: music and visual storytelling.
When done well, the sum is so much greater than it's parts!

Below are a few music videos I had the pleasure of taking part in the making.

Lose This Child / Eatliz

Directed by the wonderful Yuval Nathan, this was an amazing production of stop-motion animation using beach sand. 

I helped out on a few of the shots, and learned a lot about stop-mo.


Sound Stain / The Aprons

Directed by Liran Goldberg, this music video beautifully combines live footage with CG elements. I had animated some of the animals in this video.


Hey / Eatliz

Directed by Guy Ben Shetrit, animator, musician and one of the most creative minds I know.

In this video I had created most of the layout, as well as about half of the animation. What a ride!


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