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I've been working as animation director / supervisor since 2016.

"Sock Superhero" is a short film that Anat Dayag and myself have recently written, directed and created for "Asaf Harofe" Hospital's Allergy Clinic. The entire film was created by just us two in 7 weeks - from script, through animation, and to the final film.

"Anat and Talia Animation" was founded by my creative partner Anat Dayag and myself. Our goal is to develop and create the kind of stories that make us feel. We are always looking for the next creative adventure - feel free to contact us via this website, or our facebook page.

Here are some of the TV/online series I had the pleasure of supervising/directing animation on:

Disney Junior's "Muppet Babies"

For the past year I've been animation supervisor on Disney Junior's "Muppet Babies" reboot.

It was an honor bringing to life childhood friends such as Kermit, Piggy, Gonzo, Animal, Fozzie and the new addition - Summer Penguin!

We had to develop a unique animation style that preserves their original Muppet charm and motion, while using 3D to allow them to emote and run around on 2 legs.

This show is so well written, sweet and witty, it was a real pleasure to be part of this show. The animation team has done a fantastic job, and I am proud of the outcome!

Below are some clips from the show that have already aired online.

Look for the full show on the Disney Junior channel!


Back to Mattel's Dreamtopia, Season 2!

After the success of the 44 minute special, (see below) we got to go back to Mattel's Dreamtopia, a 52 eleven-minute episode series.

Each episode follows Barbie and Chelsea - her 6 year old sister, moving from the real world in and into one of Chelsea's imaginary worlds. 

The two worlds had two very different visual styles - In the image on the left Chelsea in one of her imaginary adventures, and in the image on the right - the real world Barbie and Chelsea.


Disney's Star Darlings | The Power of Twelve

Coming back to a high-stakes action packed 22 minute episode of Disney's Star Darlings was a huge treat.


I had been lead animator on Star Darlings's first season, and for this new episode I got to direct both Layout and Animation.

Both were very challanging due to the action-packed story.

I loved the intensity of the show!


It's always great fun to work with OddBot in LA, as they are such professionals.


Watch the 3 parts of the show here:


Mattel's 44 minute Barbie and Chelsea special

Mattel's "Dreamtopia" tells the imaginary stories that Chelsea, Barbie's little sister, tells herself when she needs to overcome the challenges in her life.

The plot moves back and forth between the real world and Chelsea's imagination world, in which she meets all kinds of creatures and explores strange new worlds.


The entire 44 minute special can be seen online:

Note: The motion-capture scenes at the beginning and end were not done in the studio I worked with, and so are the only parts that were not directed by me.


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