First pass animatic:

"Kept Woman" is music video/short film project, directed by Anat Dayag and Talia Tsur.

The song "Kept Woman" by the band Fleet Foxes has inspired us to create this story about love and longing, bravery and sacrifice.

Set in a dark fantastical world, the story follows a giant Anglerfish seeking light, Anna - a woman made of flame, and a fisherman who has to step up and face his biggest fears in order to redeem himself. 

The fisherman watches as Anna willingly steps into the jaws of the Anglerfish in order to save him. 

He watches and does nothing. He returns home alone, guilt and remorse slowly driving him mad.

Anna is taken into the depths, the giant Anglerfish uses her light to draw his prey.

On the verge of a complete mental breakdown, the fisherman in his boat stares at the waves and starts seeing visions in the ocean foam. He sees Anna and himself as the happy couple once were. Then he sees Anna sacrificing herself. This finally pushes him over the edge, beyond his fears, and he dives into the water, frantically looking for Anna's light in the deep.

But once the fisherman reaches Anna in the deep, how will they overcome the giant Anglerfish?

How will they release Anna from her captor?

Is it even possible to survive this dangerous ordeal?

And if not - would they still choose struggle over safety?

Original art:

The pitch

Animatic without commentary

Animatic with commentary

Project overview presentation - the story and the style - click the image to view